In Memory

In July 2011 and November 2014, two lovely, very different, yet poignantly similar men I knew separately through my writing and journalism very sadly took their own lives after lifelong battles with depression. One was one of my closest friends for eight years. The other I knew more fleetingly, but his rare intensity and our unexpected common ground made it seem far longer than it was. The writing that first brought me to them wasn’t directly related to mental health, but I was aware of their mental health histories, which they both spoke/wrote very eloquently to me about. Both were quite protective of their privacy, and I don’t want to make this site look like a shrine, or intrude in any way upon their families. But I want to acknowledge them and their impact. Both were kind, clever, funny, and fond of Smoke on the Water, smoking and politics. My life, and my Twitter feed, are not the same without them.  

  • “I don’t know you but I think one of them might be someone I knew. Can I ask/can we chat?”

You’re welcome to write to me if you feel it will be helpful, and I’ll respond according to how I feel is most helpful to both of us.

In Memory of T. and T.

RIP. Photo mine, 2014